Want an experienced professional to secretary your barn hunt club’s trials?

Or, want to offer barn hunt trials but don’t have the people or time to hold the trials yourself?

Contact us!

Rocky Mountain Ratters offers full service trial and secretarial services to add barn hunt trials to your event with little to no stress for you! We currently have 130 barn hunt trials on the schedule for 2019 (17 events over a total of 65 days) and have worked with clubs across the country to secretary their barn hunt trials as well as offering full service trial hosting where we bring all the equipment (including rats, ring gating, key workers, etc) along with setting up and tearing down to fully host barn hunt trials at your event.

Secretary Services:

    • We prepare and complete all the trial paperwork before, during, and after the trials.
    • You are responsible for everything else – trial location, hiring judges, equipment, setting up/tearing down, etc.

Full Service Trial Hosting:

    • You provide the location.
    • We can bring all the equipment needed to host trials including straw, ring gating, rats, tubes, etc.
    • We can arrange judge contracts along with travel.
    • We can set up and tear down the rings.
    • We can bring key workers.
    • We can bring ribbons.

For full service trial hosting, there are typically no costs paid by you besides supplying the facility, and we pay you at the end of the weekend with a per-run fee depending on what we are responsible for bringing/doing.

We are based in Colorado but travel across the country competing with our dogs and hosting trials.

So sit back and relax (or at least, don’t worry about us!) while adding value to your event by adding AKC recognized Barn Hunt trials to your show!

Call or email us today to discuss your event!